Jonathan Zenz

Jonathan Zenz is the Founding Spiritual Director of Tucson New Thought, Spiritual Coach, Speaker and author of “Thoughts Are Things: Ruminations On Life”. He has dedicated his life to the deepest understanding and experience of the inherent power found within all people and inspiring everyone to recognize this and live this for themselves.

Jonathan knows what professional artists go thru mentally and physically by his experience as a theatre actor and singer and as an Emmy Award nominated television producer.

As the Founding Spiritual Director for Tucson New Thought, A Center for Spiritual Evolution, Jonathan works daily with the vision and mission of creating a world that works for everyone by providing practical tools for personal transformation and awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence. When we transform ourselves we change the world. He previously served as Spiritual Director for the Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto from 2012-2017.

Jonathan believes our greatest assets in the world are community, compassion, and creativity. With a mission of eliminating the perceived gap between the human and Divine, Jonathan blends his background in theatre and television production to bring a fresh spin on the teachings and present them in forward thinking ways.


Find out more about Jonathan’s mission on his website.

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