Ricardo Luis Cañez

Ricardo Luis Cañez has been in the music and entertainment industry for over 38 years. He understands the lifestyle, the passion, the sacrifices and frustration that struggling ignored musicians and creators go through daily. Ricardo has seen first hand, what anxiety and depression can do to a creative mind, body and life. He has also seen peers struggle to the point to where they take their own lives.

Ricardo’s passion is to help educate musicians through The LifeBlood Workshop Program and share his story of anxiety and depression in hopes of supporting and inspiring others. He mission is to bring more public awareness and support to those dealing with these issues.

Ricardo’s vision of The LifeBlood Workshop Program was brought to life when he met the four other members of LifeBlood who believed strongly in the mission.Their common commitment is to give back to the music and creative communities. Veteran musicians and the next generation of artists need the resources of how to deal with life in an industry that rarely is responsive to their needs. Having a clear Mindset, reaching out on your support system and being brave enough to seek help are keys to a positive life.


Ricardo is the founder of Fermata Media Group, an education and marketing agency that mentors musicians on their career intentions.

He also hosts the Thanks For Sitting In Podcast and lives to support the music community in any way he can.

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